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and Welcome to the home of Alchera Great Danes.
ALCHERA means Dream-Time and originates from the mythology of Australian Aboriginal people AL-CHE-RIN-GA, Golden Age of the Past. 

I am an extremely proud owner, exhibitor and breeder of my Blue and Harlequin Great Danes and I dote on each and every one of them. Whilst I have owned Great Danes since 1971, my apprenticeship in the "Dane Fraternity" commenced in 1998 and it has been a huge education with great highs and the most awful lows. 

I wasfortunate to have been guided, initially, by the Akura Kennels who passed on a wealth of knowledge handed down to them by the Eleeta and Bonnoakleigh Kennels, thishas been a sound foundationto build uponandI rarely deviate far from it. 
The "Dane Fraternity" have been very kind to both myself, sons and my Danes, accepting, encouraging, critiscising and, again, passing on very valuable information on their experiences with this spectacular breed.

Marilyn with Latchcroft Ariadne at Alchera. Photo: A.V.Walker

There are some very Senior members that are highly respected and their experiences are invaluable,naturally things change as life rolls along but you cannot buy the experience and knowledge that these people have and fortunately for the majority of us that hold them in high esteem they are more than happy to share their accounts with us as it is for the better of the breed and that is what the Dane Fraternity is about,striving to improve this magnificent breed.
I have only been breeding since 2001 and in that short time I have achieved:- 
Crufts 2001 - VHC-Yearling Dog 
Crufts 2002 - 1st Sp Puppy Dog 
Crufts 2003 - 3rd-Sp Yearling Bitch 
Crufts 2003 - VHC-Sp Yearling Dog 
Crufts 2005 - Reserve-Junior Dog 
Crufts 2005 - 3rd-Veteran Bitch 
Crufts 2006 - 1st-Sp Puppy Dog 
Top Blue Dog during 2005 - SouthWestern Great Dane Club 
Runner up Blue Dog during 2004 - SouthWestern Great Dane Club 
Top Blue Male 2004 and 2005 - Midland & West Great Dane Club 
4 x Kennel Club Stud Book Numbers - the Dane is entered into the KC Stud Book and qualifies them for life to Crufts.

We have won many 1st placings in majority of classes, been in the placings at most shows and, naturally, have also not been selected for a placing - but I always take the best dogs home with me despite the judges opinion. 

Showing isn't the b all and end all of our lives but it is a hobby and activity that the Danes and I thoroughly enjoy, a day out with my babies in the company of fellow Daneites and their Dane's.  It is an appropriate and convincing way of proving the quality and temperament of my lines, an important factor when breeding and selling this giant breed.   
Enjoy surfing my pages and thank you for visiting the Alchera family.
Marilyn Winyard.   
News Flash !! We are expecting a litter of blue puppies on 25th March 2012


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