Loved, owned and very sadly missed by Mrs Pam Price.

D.O.B 26.08.1989 - he died 11.06.2001 just 6 weeks short of his 12th birthday. 

Bred by Mr Peter and Mrs Rae Russell JACKSON achieved 7 CC and 10 RCC and, to date,  holds the record for the top CC winner in Blue Male Great Danes.
He was the top winning Blue Dog for 4 years. 

JACKSON sired many puppies but famously one of his sons was  CHAMPION SOUND OF TOMDOON JW (Blue) "TAURUS".




Owned, loved and deeply missed by Simone dela Nougerede.

"Taurus" was from a litter of 6 bred by Joy Ledingham.

He came into Simone's life at 2 days of age and was named "Sound of Tomdoon" after a river in Scotland that Joy had swam across.  

It was love at first sight for Simone "he took my breath away, the feeling washed over me".

This is Taurus at 2 years standing alone, what a stature!!!
14.07.1993 - 22.10.2002

Taurus achieved his Junior Warrant and went on to be Top Winning Blue Male for two consecutive years, 1996 & 1997.

He gained his first CC at Richmond 1996 under Karina LeMare and was also awarded Best of Breed His second came 2 months later from Matti Pakarinen at the GDC South of Wales where he also achieved Best In Show, a unanimous decision by both Matti Pakarinen and the late Peter Russell. His third CC took another year to achieve from Judge Mr M Wallner (German) at Working Breeds Association of Scotland, November 1997, again awarded Best of Breed

This of course made Taurus a Champion, only the second Blue Male Great Dane to reach this high accolade. 

Taurus sired just a few litters  as, due to a bloat scare, he was withdrawn from Stud and subsequently retired from life as a Show dog, his final appearance in the ring was at Southern Counties June 1998.  
Taurus now lived happily in retirement as a constant companion to Simone, totally indulged, until his sad departure from this world, he leaves behind - his legend, his progeny, fond memories and an extremely sad owner.  
In her own words "For him, I would do it all again"

My heartfelt thanks to Simone for supplying me with her most intimate details of her life shared with Taurus and this photograph of her special boy.

I was never fortunate to meet either of these beautiful Blue Danes but their legend goes on and many people in the Dane World have lasting memories of their fine achievements and their outstanding qualities and beauty.  

I am very proud to have these two Champions, to date the only Blue Champions,  in ALCHERA'S ancestry, and I can only hope that I have produced some puppies that are reminiscent of these majestic Icons.


Bred by Linda Van De Viver, Imported, owned, loved and very sadly missed by Mrs Kay Steven's.

Arnold gained 3 CC and 2 RCC, handled by Pam Price. Arnold very sadly lost his life at the young age of 5 years to Bone Cancer which devastated Kay but his progeny has been a credit to him as he sired Champion Berevale Gilpin who, at Bath 2004, broke  the record for Black Male Great Danes,  bred and owned by David and Sue Cottrell.



Bred, Owned and loved by Lesley Collette.

He is Lulu's father. Born 9.11.1994  died suddenly 13/6/2001 . 
Hooley was a tall, masculine steel blue gentleman and was consistently placed whilst being campaigned by Lesley.  

I was fortunate to handle him at one show and he was every inch a GREAT Dane and a showman. 
Hooley was the Top Winning Blue Male Great Dane 1999 and 2000. 
He achieved 1 CC and  2 RCC's


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