Hi, I am Marilyn and I am assisted with the Danes by my sons, Jonty and Keeley.  

Why Great Danes? - I believe that the seed was sown back in the fifties, when as a child, a black Great Dane dog lived 5 doors away - I can't remember him at all but I have this thought that he must have talked to us children over the fence and was probably allowed out to play with us on the green occasionally, whatever, I am sure that it is because of him in my childhood that I became hooked on this breed of Noble Giants.

Marilyn,Sassie, Tatum, Lulu and Oliver. Photo: Alan V Walker

As a two year old, my grandfather rehomed his dog as it apparently turned on me, my parents would never allow me or my brothers to have a dog, however, at the age of 13 
I kept finding this stray mongrel, Suzie - not really a stray, just let out on the estate to have a wander but she used to end up in our shed - being rescued by myself.  
My brothers started to do the same thing and my parents were eventually worn down by dog owners coming to our house to collect their family pets - we got Trixie - a Heinz 57 but we loved her to bits - power to the kids!  

Well that was the start, then I rescued Shanie, a cross Golden Retriever, I moved to London in the seventies and my husband gave me my first Great Dane, a Harlequin, 
I named him "Bilbo".  I adored him as did everyone that met him, sadly he only lived to 7 years and died under anaesthetic, my heart was broken and I couldn't find it in me to replace him.  
It took another 10 years before I gave another Dane a home, "Cartier" another Harli, 
I only ever wanted harli's until I met Lulu, my first bitch and a blue!

From Lulu, I was introduced to a fawn, Bertie, who needed re-homing, I now had two.  
At the first show I saw the Harli's and had to have one, Style bred by "Enydelet" arrived in 1999 followed by JeJak the cutest blue harli ever - now there were 4 add. It is from these lines that my breeding programme started.

I truly consider myself to be extremely lucky and fortunate to have these beautiful dogs in my life, they are absolutely everything to me, I love them all and I am rewarded by their unconditional love and loyalty.

Marilyn Winyard.


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