Hello I'm Rodney, I was born on 11.06.2010 and I am looking for my new forever home.  
Through no fault of my own, I was returned to my breeder when my owners could no longer deal with my stress issues. I had a very serious fright from a window cleaner and his ladders when I was a baby and the most awful things followed. That day has left me with some very bad memories and I didn't like being left alone after that; I also started to be defensive when I was out and about but, I am adorable, loving, I can be trusted with tables of food, children and some other dogs and I am clean.

My Alchera mummy took me back last October and she can tell you that I am very responsive to human commands and that I love my raw chicken, tripe, ox cheeks, heart and all the meaty bones that she gives me, I don't even argue with my sister over the bones!! I did try to eat my way out of the kennels but though I might have a nibble now and again, I've kind of accepted that I have to be locked away and that I will be let out again.
My mummy says I have to go to a new home where they have had Great Danes before so that they can love me but also keep me in order because I've obviously been a naughty boy in the past. I don't want to change my diet so you must be prepared to feed me all the lovely raw feed that I get here, you will have to be patient with me because I will probably stress and drop some weight and also be a little naughty till I know that I am going to be loved by you forever. I am no longer entire though I don't know what that means but I think I have something missing!!
If you think that you would like to be owned by me please contact my mummy Marilyn as she doesn't like to see me living in the kennels because I have been used to living indoors with sofas and home comforts.